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Have you ever heard about “Tourism District”?

Have you ever heard about “tourism district”?

Very common in the US, the so-called Tourism Improvement Districts (TIDs) aim to increase visitation in a certain area of ​​a municipality, using as a decoy the construction of restaurants, hotels, parks, and other activities that move those seeking leisure options in the city.

The business model, which emerged in West Hollywood (the first North American tourist district), has become an important source of revenue, increasing the tourist potential of many cities. The municipalities that have regions characterized as tourist districts had between 21% and 633% increase in income, according to a study by the Instituto Civitas.

In Brazil, more specifically in the city of São Paulo, we can think of tourist districts to revitalize spaces. A good example is the Liberdade neighborhood: despite already having a strong economy, vibrant visuals, and privileged location, as nights in the region are usually quite empty.

The installation of new attractions in Liberdade can bring perspectives and investments not only to the neighborhood, but to the central region. And remember: the idea of ​​a tourist district is not to change the atmosphere of the place, but to enhance it even more.

When such a project is born, there is a very careful study behind it. Modernization is part of it, but the culture of the region must be preserved and enjoyed. São Paulo is one of the many Brazilian cities with great potential for the creation of tourist districts, after all, each São Paulo corner has stories of all kinds and memories that deserve to be celebrated.