Praça Lisboa
São Paulo, Brazil
Praça Lisboa
São Paulo, Brazil
Praça Lisboa
São Paulo, Brazil

Lyon Capital
Residential, Senior-living, Commercial, Retail, Clinics, Co-working, Public realm
Site 7,600 m², BUA 67,000 m²
Urban Design, Architecture


A new approach for density and mix of uses in São Paulo

The complex included potentially conflicting uses, such as high-end apartments, seniors’ homes, a clinic, shops and co-working on a narrow lot. The result was the implementation of each component to create a unique urban environment that unites the program and provides a strong sense of place.

The different uses were grouped into three buildings whose forms reflects their purpose and talk to each other and to the open spaces between them and along the floors near the ground floor, where retail and F&B activate the open spaces.

Creating an urban space

The project saw the creation of a variety of flexible and accessible spaces of high quality in public and semi-private areas, still providing high levels of security, protection and privacy to apartments and spaces for hospitalization and treatment of the clinic.

The result ambience was inspired by the industrial style of the city, which not only regulates the entire ambience of the complex and the relationship between each use, but also design standards throughout the development.