City Walk L9 & L10 Courtyard
Dubai, UAE
City Walk L9 & L10 Courtyard
Dubai, UAE
City Walk L9 & L10 Courtyard
Dubai, UAE


980 m²
Place Dynamix Dubai
LW Design Dubai


A multipurpose space

The courtyard of Buildings L9 and L10 of City Walk High Street provides an opportunity to bring the outdoors in, giving units access to natural daylight, views to outside, and cross ventilation in the summer months.

The space acts as multi-functional living space that is an extension of the apartments. Its program includes an outdoor lounges and sunken settings, gardens and swimming pool for adults and kids. While it may be limited in winter months, it provides the benefit of channeling seasonal winds helping to create a more comfortable microclimate in the summer.

Privacy and comfort

To enhance privacy and passive cooling planting and pergolas were planned to provide shadows, while blocking views to inside lower floor apartments. Within the courtyard, plantings will be lush but water-wise. The plant list includes drought-tolerant date palm, plumeria, lavender, among others.

The finishings pallet was carefully thought considering match with architectural design, while softening its features and providing a variety of outdoor living areas for residents to get well and relax.