Andalusia Hills
Pozanco, Spain
Andalusia Hills
Pozanco, Spain
Andalusia Hills
Pozanco, Spain

Residential second-home, Vila resort & spa, Golf course
Site 501.5 ha, GFA 350,000  m²
Urban Design

Woods Bagot Dubai


A destination for those wanting a relaxed holiday or an attractive rural setting residential

The project aims to optimize the stunning views from the elevated landform of the site and to capitalize on the local character of the Spanish countryside.  It is a low-density residential development incorporating a golf course, hotel, spa and convention centre, all contained in a low-key, sensitively landscaped environment. 

Villa I em Andalusia Hills.

The landscape framework creates the setting for the development and a network of green spaces permeates, linking the various components of the community together.  The built fabric and character of the buildings is based on a contemporary approach to the Spanish Village, with simple building forms, use of local materials and central plaza spaces as a focus of communal precincts.

The resultant masterplan strives to create a community framework for residents with attributes that will create a destination appealing to holidaymakers. It is at the same time a peaceful and safe environment for those looking to live in the countryside with all the amenities of a high-class development.