Campo Grande, Brazil
Campo Grande, Brazil
Campo Grande, Brazil

Residential, Public realm
Site 5,200 m², GFA 37,200 m², Landscape 3,400 m²
Urban Design, Architecture, Landscape

LW Design


A new standard for residential environments in Campo Grande.

CONDE Urban Design, in collaboration with LW Design, has knitted a two residential towers’ scheme into the urban fabric of the city’s Royal Park, an upscale district in Campo Grande, the capital of Mato Grosso do Sul State in Brazil, by creating an urban retreat comprising a lush landscape and an active urban boundary.

The project sets a new standard for residential environments in Campo Grande by emphasizing the experience of its users, rather than grandeur and spectacle. It is based on universal urban design principles such connectivity, outdoor thermal comfort, active frontage, passive surveillance and biophilia.

Implantação das torres Horizont e Infinit.
Massing of Horizont and Infinit towers placement.

A multidisciplianry urban design – architecture – landscape design approach

CONDE Urban Design had the opportunity to approach the project from the urban design and planning for the entire neighbourhood, to the program for this lot, defining the placement on site of two towers – Infinit and Horizont, facing the Park HI in between, an urban living room created to provide connection with surroundings, a strategy that has mutual benefit with the city.

In addition to Park HI, CONDE Urban Design also designed the landscape of common areas on the ground floor, podium and rooftop of each tower, creating exclusive high-end environments based on solutions that enhance external spaces.

Torre infinit.
Infinit tower.
Embasamento da torre Infinit.
Podium of Infint tower.
Park HI e torre Infinit.
An urban living room

The pocket park created is created to provide a public area that serves as a connection between two residential towers and between them and their surroundings, a strategy that has mutual benefit with the city of Campo Grande. The park also functions a buffer with the appropriate level of screening between each tower front lobby, while providing passive surveillance and allowing for public connection to future nearby developments.

In addition to the park and sidewalks, the common areas at the top of the podiums and the access to parking at the basement are integrated with the new landscape, making the space a natural interface between the buildings and the street environment.

Pódio da torre Infinit e Park HI.
Podium of Infinit tower and Park HI.
Landscape role at the interface building – public open spaces

The strategy for placement of the towers was staggering each at the opposite corners of a rectangular site, to optimize units’ views to Parque das Nações Indígenas and Parque do Prosa (largest urban park in the world) while creating a common open space in between that becomes the main address for each tower.

The basis of the design is the idea that the landscape is the foundation of the towers, named Horizont and Infinit. Where the towers meet the ground, it passes the baton to the landscape, converting the scale of the built experience into a more human one.

Spa no pódio da torre Infinit.
Spa at te podium.
Piscina coberta no pódio da torre Infinit.
Swimming pool under tower projection.