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City Walk Boulevard

City Walk Boulevard

City Walk Boulevard
City Walk, Dubai, UAE
City Walk Boulevard
City Walk, Dubai, UAE
City Walk Boulevard
City Walk, Dubai, UAE

Resideniial,Retail, Restaurants
Length 720 m, Site 43,300 m²

LW Design, Place Dynamix


Active and shaded public realm enhancing lifestyle in dubai

The public realm is characteristically urban and compliments the modern architectural vision for City Walk. A place making strategy was created to guide the vision for the public realm and promote a few simple interventions that will create a unique identity that people will remember.

City Walk Boulevard is a 720 meters long avenue with median and wide sidewalks, envisaged as a retail and leisure destination, while providing a mix of high-end residential blocks, buildings, and units, supported by state-to-the-art public realm design.


City Walk design was focused upon creating a unique memorable place where pedestrians are a priority, unique residential buildings overlook public spaces & parks, retail uses are vibrant, and streets are active & shaded.

Mixed use buildings in perimeter blocks frame and define the boulevard which runs through the heart of the development. Their architectural design is diverse but unified by the principles of good urbanism including scale, massing, building line and composition.

City Walk Boulevard
City Walk Boulevard
Calçadas do City Walk Boulevard.
City Walk Boulevard sidewalks

Boulevard as pedestrian core

The design is distinguished by its sharp lines, simple color palette and a restricted use of groundcover. Instead, trees are utilized to provide shade and define the character of the different public spaces, enhancing passive cooling for pedestrian comfort.

Large canopy shade trees are promoted in the boulevard with fragrant trees providing sensory experience in the linear park and smaller spaces.

Pavimentação nas calçadas do City Walk Boulevard.
Sidewalk paving

Paving Strategy

The design team developed a few paving pattern options in line with client’s requests. The guiding principle of the paving strategy was to create a paving bond pattern that was unique to City Walk High Street but also was a functional pattern that could seamlessly transition between different areas such as between the boulevard and side streets or commercial courtyards. The paving pattern for the linear park below has undergone a variety of iterations and this initial concept development was later the inspiration for the final paving pattern along the boulevard.